Anyplan in the supply chain

Anyplan's unique approach can provide integrated planning both internally for project, resource and portfolio planning as well as externally into the supply chain and logistics.


Planning in distributed networks

In modern organizations there is no clear boundary between people on the inside and suppliers on outside. All are collaborating together to achieve a business goal. Anypla can provide different channels of communication to those involved in the supply chain. This is achieved through both access rights to data and functionality and intranet, web and mobile connected mechanisms.

Supply -chain


Web-based progress reporting

The Anyplan Reporting module is a Supply Chain module that simplifies planning and reporting. It provides a web-based interface to the Anyplan planning system. Anybody with reporting responsibilities can use the Anyplan Reporting web site (in a private or hosted setup) to report progress. Sub-contractors and suppliers can log on to plan work, confirm component deliveries, update progress and provide details if things are not going according to plan. An alarm server keeps track of all planned actions and will prompt users to report or send e-mails to managers, both internally and externally, to ensure that reporting deadlines are met.

Web Report



Mobile connectivity the easy way

Anyplan can provide activity and progress updates through Microsoft Exchange and Google Calendar integration. Mobile workers and suppliers can get information and provide updates in the most familiar of interfaces: their email and calendars.

 Outlook Cal _Slim 

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