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How much do your deferments cost?

Deferments is the cost of reduction in Production or Injection Availability caused by insufficiently planned activities, asset breakdowns, poor equipment performance or sub-optimum operation. Complex mature onshore installations have often more than 10% deferments, and with the harsh nature of offshore installations, deferments at those sites could be as much as 30%!

Source Deloitte, OVS Group Minimizing Deferred Production, McKinsey Global Offshore Asset Efficiency Database.

IAP - deferments cost

The key success factor is how you plan and manage the upstream process:

• Does your production team prioritize the right operational tasks?

• Does your asset maintenance program minimize planned and unplanned shutdowns?

• How do you manage CAPEX projects to improve the upstream output?

Anyplan IAP - Integrated Activity Planning Anyplan IAP 2016 version 4.5

Integrated Activity Planning, the key to reduced deferments!

Integrated planning means that all the major and critical activities from projects, production and maintenance are planned in one single network of activities. Synchronizing the work within capacity and the maintenance requirements is the fastest and safest way to reduce deferments.

IAP  - Integrated Activity Planning, the key to reduced deferments

The effect of integrated Activity Planning comes in addition to improvements in the process for hydrocarbon recovery, from reservoir to the point of sale.  If the asset is operated as an integrated choke model the effect will be considerable.


Anyplan IAP Integrated Activity Planning
Integrated Activity Planning & Optimization

Anyplan IAP is the only system that schedules and optimizes across different planning domains based on industry best practice.  In addition Anyplan IAP provides advanced integration with Integrated Asset Models (IAM) which enables global optimization across the whole Upstream process.  


Anyplan IAP Scenario Concept

The Anyplan IAP Scenario Manager is a user controlled service to select data, establish a scenario, simulate and optimize, compare and select the new master plan (any timeframe, e.g. 14 or 90 days). The preferred IAP scenario can be analysed via the IAM model / P-Tec systems and then returned to IAP. If the oilfield has a  IAM model one can easily avoid suboptimal IAP plans.

IAP Scenario Concept


Plan – Optimize – Schedule , Step 1 to 4

The planning Agent is the central IAP function for planning, scheduling and optimizing the hydrocarbon flow.  The Agent offers a series of industry best practice analytical methods which is organized in a 4 step workflow.

IAP - Plan Optimize Schedule


Plan – Optimize – Schedule , Step 1

Plan optimize schedule step 1
The business rules for conflict detection are specified under implementation and when the system is in operation. This example looks for double bookings of resources during a planned Workover. The outcome is no delay since double bookings have been removed. Notification to planner can be visualized in a similar way.

IAP - Plan Optimize Schedule Step 1


Plan – Optimize – Schedule , Step 1

Plan optimize schedule step 1 continue

IAP - Plan Optimize Schedule Step 1 gantt


Plan – Optimize – Schedule , Step 2

Plan optimize schedule step 2
Pac M, which is looking for activities and work orders that should or could be executed in a Workover window. The Pac M feature is replacing considerable amount of manual planning and may give results close to the optimum solution.

IAP - Plan – Optimize – Schedule , Step 2


Plan – Optimize – Schedule , Step 3

Plan ptimize schedule step 3
Anyplan Scheduler offers a series of industry best practice algorithms for planning and optimization: 
Time, Resource and/or Cost optimization.

IAP - Plan – Optimize – Schedule step 3


Optimization, Step 4

Plan optimize schedule step 4
Scheduling and optimization using the IBM CPLEX Optimizer, the industry leading, state of the art, mathematical optimizer.  This solution holds the selected data as a scenario and “asks” the Optimizer to find the best solution, the “Optimal plan”.  The Optimizer can be used as simple scheduler or a Global optimizer across the whole Upstream flow.


Optional module embedded in Anyplan Agent  

Simple by resource

• Schedule the activities on all the wells
• Nothing but the wells are considered
• Resources are shared only between wells
• Resources are:
• People as team - not individual
• Equipment (tools, crane, vehicles)
• Budget of activities can not be exceeded
Estimated effect:

Multiple choices

• Schedule the activities on all the wells and pads
• An activity can be substituted by others
• Individual human resources
• The number of people can be limited on each site
• Oil can be stored
• Modeling of production between wells and pads

Advanced with flow

• Schedule the activities on all the oil fields assets
• Oil flow is considered
• Oil storage is considered
• Intermediate workstation is considered
• Production impact is considered
• Export impact is considered
• Financial impact is considered
Increase production 1% Increase production +1% Increase production +2%

Cumulative Production – before and after?

IAP - Cumulative  Production – before and after?


Anyplan Integrated Activity Planning
IAP and IAM modelling

Anyplan IAP builds a unique planning model based on the Asset Breakdown Structure, Choke settings and any resource or combination of resources which could have an impact on the upstream process. 



The Asset Maintenance Program makes the difference!


IAP_The Asset Maintenance Program _Left


SAP and IBM Maximo are the most used CMMS/EMS systems for UpstreamAsset Management in the Oil & Gas industry. Anyplan IAP builds a maintenance planning model based on their respective data.

The Asset Breakdown Structure, a logical hierarchy of the physical sites, facilities, buildings, systems, subsystems and actual equipment.

The model is used for authorization of work, costing, collaboration and choke modelling.  


Maintenance Choke Model is  a unique feature of Anyplan. This model is derived from the Maintenance ABS  and it is used for synchronizing activities, work orders and tasks along the process.

Anyplan provides concurrent planning in real time using its Xymphonic Transaction technology.  


Automatic Integrated Choke Model
"All Silos in one Plan"

The Optimal Hydrocarbon flow is what the assets can produce from reservoir to point of sale. 

Anyplan’s Smartnet technology automatically integrates chokes and activities in one single plan. 

The model ensures balanced capacity and maximum flow by synchronising planned and unplanned production deferments.  

IAP - Auto Integrated Choke Model

Anyplan IAP Zone - System Maintenance Program
Anyplan IAP Zone-System Maintenance Program

Anyplan IAP introduces a zone/system planning model that is automatically generated on the basis of the CMMS/EAP data model.

This allows planners to plan across the whole upstream plant, crossing one or more zones/areas.

Based on the logical model, Anyplan IAP automates the synchronization of work along the upstream process, resulting in a lean process that reduces wasted time and increases the hydrocarbon flow.


Hydrocarbon Production Planning – Dynamic Activity Properties
IAP - Hydrocarbon Production Planning - Dynamic Activity Properties

To improve the hydrocarbon flow, each activity type needs to be classified with its impact on the flow, before, under and after execution.  This helps the planner to prioritize the activities and to perform scheduling and mathematical optimization.   


Hydrocarbon Products Planning

At modern oilfields operators control the hydrocarbon production mix in the upstream phase so that contracted qualities and quantities can be met. Anyplan supports product flow modelling for planning, scheduling and optimization (“Hydrocarbon Requirement Planning” HRP).

IAP - Hydrocarbon Products Planning


Portfolio & Planning Model
IAP - Portfolio and Planning Model

Anyplan holds all the IAP activities in one single “in memory” network called Smartnet

The Anyplan Portfolio IAP function allows the planners to easily filter and select any combination of plans, on any level, any asset combination or by resource categories.

The portfolio report is instantly calculated, by time, resource and cost.   


Anyplan Dynamic Planning Horizon

Anyplan holds all the IAP activities, assets and resources in one single “in memory” network called Smartnet

Through the IAP Portfolio one can seamlessly zoom in and out on any selection of IAP information or time interval. 

Anyplan automatically recalculates any view which can be saved as a user defined view.

IAP - Anyplan Dynamic Planning Horizon

In real time
Plan and monitor hydrocarbon flow, resource usage and cost.

Anyplan IAP has dynamically integrated resource planning with the IAP activities and hydrocarbon flow.
Variable and fixed cost can be dynamically derived from the activity duration and resource usage.

IAP - Plan and monitor hydrocarbon flow


Progress and plan control

Tracking and control of current activities’ execution status and plan change management.

IAP - Progress And Plan Control


IAP_Anyplan Logo
Anyplan special IAP functionality

Anyplan IAP has a series of special features that support the planning and scheduling in one of the most complex industries. 

In spite of the complexity, the Anyplan IAP development team has successfully automated the planning procedures and developed the ultimate user experience. Anyplan IAP is the next generation planning technology, made for the future of the digital oilfield.



Anyplan offers two-way communication with most of the known systems within the oil and gas industry. Anyplan is designed to let existing systems keep their role and thereby avoiding large modification projects when introducing Anyplan.

IAP- Integreated Operations and Activity Planning


Collaboration center

Anyplan IAP provides users with a communication/messaging center, slided down from top of the screen. It could include relevant mails, Skype calls and the Anyplan Scenario manager which controls the workflow and approval process.

IAP - Collaboration Center


Anyplan is a game changer… it opens your business..

IAP Game Changer

Portfolio Schedule

Anyplan allows your business and managers to work simultaneously on any plan, in real time. Closer too true collaboration than any other system. All with full authentication.  Anyplan opens your business!

Xymphonic Patent Application Publication (10) Pub. N0.: US 2004/0044648


Concurrent planning, saves most…


IAP - Sequential Planning IAP_Concurrent Planning _Vertical Line (1)  IAP - Concurrent Planning

Traditional ERP/EAP and other planning systems allow only one user to plan, one plan at the time… No plans are linked … Resources are planned individually, in each plan… Anyplan lets Your business plan concurrent in real time, across any project, production, Work Orders, resources or your Supply Chain.  In full control, all the time… 

Distribution of plans and report formats

Anyplan IAP has all the functionality one can expect from a modern application with regards to the format/visualization of the information, notifications, reporting and distribution.

IAP - Distribution of plans and report formats


Live Reporting and Dashboards

Anyplan is the only planning system that integrates plans from projects, production and asset maintenance. The plans are consolidated with report indicators required for integrated planning.

IAP - Live Reporting And Dashboards


IAP Live Portfolio

IAP Live Portfolio consolidates data from the different planning domains for monitoring and control of the planning process and production KPIs.

IAP - Live Portfolio


Lessons learned

By manual user control or automated procedures one can establish a historical IAP Portfolio, which can be used to improve planning and forecasting precision.

IAP Lessons Learned, IAP History | SQL - SAP PI


Configuration and System Administration

Implementation of the system settings/configuration


IAP - Configuration And System Admin

Configuration and System Administration

Integration scenarios with other IT systems/components configuration and management.


IAP - Configuration And System Admin (1)

Anyplan IAP Cloud

Anyplan’s advanced technology combines the power of in memory server technology and smart client processing. It’s 100% based on Microsoft .Net Azure technology which means secure operation and stable services.

IAP - Anyplan IAP Microsoft Azure Cloud 

Anyplan delivers high performance with light network footprints on private Enterprise cloud or through our world wide partners. It’s your choice!
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