Integrated planning for Oil & Gas

Development of drilling rig technology since Aker launched its legendary H3 oil rig at the beginning of the 70’s is like a manned journey to Jupiter. It feels unreal. Modern offshore oil rigs are among the largest and most complex constructions in the world.


Drilling systems, oil and gas handling, positioning, environment and safety installations combined with advanced subsea technology constitute an extremely advanced and complicated vessel.

New and demanding oilfields in deep seas and extreme climate conditions such as the polar regions create ever greater demands on technology, people, engineering and planning.

Each oil rig is an advanced ecosystem of support functions; bases, supply vessels, helicopter services and standby safety vessels. All parts have to function in a coordinated , safe and economically viable operation.

Now, and for the first time ever, Anyplan can support the integrated planning in one collaborative, coordinated plan. Welcome to Anyplan Fleet Management, Operations Planning and Maintenance.


Take control

Planning ranges from traditional project management to advanced maintenance scheduling for thousands of complex components. It encompasses short to long term planning for multiple parties, systems and planning methods. Often these are developed in a wide range of highly specialized IT systems and it is quite common to find that they do not integrate well and coordination of activities remains a manual process.

TakecontrolSuch systems do not offer the opportunity to create good and cost efficient plans, to take the right corrective measures or to plan for the entire economic lifespan of the asset.

Anyplan interlinks all project activities, maintenance tasks, planned shutdowns, operation drilling plans, material supplies and resources in a network and thereby ensuring that users have full control of forecast and corrective events. The network, named “Smartnet”, can be integrated with neighboring systems such as ERP, MRO, BI, and DW systems.

It can also link to other planning systems such as Primavera and Safran. Smartnet keeps control and offers a full overview of activities that need synchronizing, the available resources and the total outcome of all plans. The network is updated and delivers results in real time.


Total integrated planning

TotalAnyplan is the first planning system that offers planning across projects, maintenance tasks, supply and drilling plans. And it does so in a simple and intuitive way for both short and the longer term planning.

Budgets, resource and material demand is an automated output from the plans within the various planning domains. It is possible to create planning links between activities and tasks in any planning domain and at any level. Advanced filtering allows users to group activities in alternative and mixed structures so it feels like only one plan is being updated.


Where are we going?

GoingOne central topic when planning oil rigs or supply vessels is to know where they are at any moment in time and where they are planned to be. Anyplan has its own real-time route planner that interfaces with GPS positioning and AIS information. The route plan can be imported from other legacy systems or can be created directly in Anyplan using the templating functionality.

At each stop planners can add loading or unloading tasks, or the stop can be defined as a “class stop/docking event” or an offshore drilling operation. The route plan can be connected to the maintenance tasks or modification projects.



Inspection and maintenance programs

InspectionDetails matter. There may be tens to hundreds of thousands of items or more to check or follow up on an oil rig. Maintenance must therefore be organized and planned from day one by creating maintenance plans adapted to varying technical demands. These must account for operational factors such as resource availability, shutdowns for maintenance, drilling operations and access to support functions.

The maintenance plans can be connected in a simple and intuitive way to operational plans, project plans, crew plans, material supply and documentation.

Anyplan offers among others:

  • Short and long term maintenance plans
  • Resource planning
  • 'Slot' planning
  • Planning agents that simplify and partly automate the planning process
  • Budgeting, cost control and scenario building
  • Alternative maintenance programs and analysis

Ongoing projects

Small and large projects are part of the day to day business of an oil rig; modifications, switching equipment, re-building, re-classifying and more, either as part of the ongoing operations or onshore at a yard stay. These projects are best planned using a professional project planning system. Anyplan offers the most advanced and user friendly project management system on the market with:

  • OngoingImplementation plans
  • Resource plans
  • Cost overview and analysis
  • Integrated with material, documentation and job cards.

Anyplan is an interactive tool with integrated real-time analysis, advanced filtering and user defined reporting.


Operational plans

An operational plan is used by a number of people to co-operate in order to complete upcoming work. To ensure a realistic plan it is important to allocate resources with regard to time, cost and availability.


Anyplan’s advanced calendars can be used to create calendars for each resource to check and set available times. Resources can be organized in teams so that planners can plan upcoming project activities and maintenance tasks very efficiently. With Anyplan it is easy to create:

  • Crew and berth/lifeboat capacity plans
  • Operational plans
  • Combined plans for operations/project/maintenance

Material and equipment

Oilandgas8There is hardly a task or activity that does not need material or equipment that must be transported to the oil rig. Some material and technical equipment is considered critical to finish the plan on time. Material and equipment can be connected to both supply vessel route plans and to the project or maintenance plans.

Any delays are immediately updated in the Smartnet and the consequences are easily analyzed. Anyplan can import cargo plans from third party systems and coordinate this information in any plan.


Logistic plans

Anyplan Reporting offers Web-based progress reporting and analysis from project members and an integrated interface to supplier plans, fabrication and components. Anyplan Reporting comes with an advanced alarm server that immediately reports on missing update reports, sends request for reporting and notifies the responsible purchaser or project manager of any deviations from plan. All deliveries can be linked to the project activity or to a maintenance task. Suppliers can upload QA documents and progress plans to Anyplan Reporting and these are then automatically linked to the right activity.

Oilandgas9All information regarding a delivery is never more than a keystroke away. Anyplan Reporting can also be used for electronic negotiations with suppliers or revision of existing terms. Anyplan Reporting offers 100% overview of all deliveries and project progress – planners have full control.


Integrated cost and resource control


Resources and costs are dynamically integrated with all activities so that any change is immediately spotted and re-calculated both for historic and future events. Anyplan can have any number of independent budgets (baselines) and, therefore, it is easy to measure performance against target.

  • Perform budget analysis for people and cost elements
  • Do time analysis and cost over a time span
  • Analyze data based on any currency
  • Produce detailed and costed resource plans
  • Summarize data from work packages all the way up to one rig/vessel or the entire fleet

Working together

Anyplan is a multi-user system with role-based access control. It already provides notifications and locking of plans. In the spring of 2013 we are launching a new release of Anyplan with Xymphonic™ collaboration enabling any number of users to work at the same time, in real time, on the same activities. The new technology allows users to efficiently and systematically collaborate on crew plans, project activities and maintenance tasks while building or updating the plan.

WorkThe collaborative effect can be compared with how it would be if everybody can edit and write the same “Word” document at the same time. The technology is patented and unique within the IT industry.



TechAnyplan offers two-way communication with most of the known systems within the oil and gas industry. Anyplan is designed to let most existing systems keep their role and thereby to avoid large modification projects when introducing Anyplan.

Anyplan Talk-to-Me can send and receive information from multiple systems at the same time. For example, report progress from the nearest media, via web, Outlook or smartphone. The integration menu is flexible so it is easy to add or subtract fields that are read or written to an ERP system. In this way it is possible to reduce the amount of information that has to be updated or imported from a number of different systems.

Also see the Integration section.


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