Queuing is not healthy

QueueScheduling hospital admissions, procedures, and operations for patients, while at the same time planning and optimizing the use of doctors, nurses, operating theaters, X-ray machines, and all other kinds of equipment and resources, is a non-trivial problem indeed. The potential for improvements in this area is enormous.

So why is this problem so hard? One reason is that modern hospitals are very complex organizations, the mere logistics of which can be mind boggling. A second reason is that the nature of decision-making is distributed (e.g. most doctors, and many nurses, need to make decisions every day concerning their patients). A third reason is that the operations of a hospital and the prioritizations of its resources from minute to minute to some degree will be event-driven, e.g. because patients in serious conditions due to illness or accidents may arrive at any time.

Anyplan takes the challenges in real-time, true collaborative and agile, user-friendly to both patients and the healthcare team. Anyplan A Point is the first true management concept that takes care of it all, in one solution!


Take the pulse on the process

In order to deal with constantly change of challenges, one must obviously employ a sufficiently powerful planning system.

ControlHowever, this is not just about being able to support the dynamic maintenance of constantly evolving plans. This is also about dealing with the many conflicts of interest that are bound to occur between different doctors, departments, and others who need access to shared resources. Thus, a planning system must in such a context have adequate concurrency control mechanisms. It has to be truly collaborative, where all interests have their vote and any decisions made are executable.

Anyplan interlinks all interests and events into one network, the Anyplan Smartnet.


One schedule for everyone

Anyplan is the first planning system that offers planning across all major planning challenges in a hospital, either its daily caretaking or advanced and complex accidents, maintenance tasks on critical medical equipment or teamwork.  And it does so in a simple and intuitive way for both short and long term planning.

Budgets, resources and medical material demand is an automated output from the plans within the various planning domains. It is possible to create planning links between activities and tasks in any planning domain.



What’s the treatment program?

One central topic when planning is to be able to describe the routing of a patient's treatment program. Where they are at any moment in time and where they are planned to be. Anyplan has its own patient real-time route planner that interfaces with hospitals medical log systems. The route plan can be imported from other legacy systems or can be created directly in Anyplan using the templating functionality.



Booking a treatment process

There may be hundreds of thousands of activities to check or follow up in a Hospital during a year . Medical treatment tasks and support functions must therefore be organized and planned from day one by creating plans adapted to varying medical demands while also taking into account operational factors such as resource availability, shutdowns for services, vacations, education and access to support functions. The different treatment plans can be interconnected to all critical steps of the process and resources booked will be notified if there occurs deviations form agreed schedule. Potential conflicts of interest will be detected and solved before it becomes a problem.



Special planning

Special -planningSmall and large accidents or change in treatment programs, either as part of the ongoing process or external events are a part of the daily challenges in a hospital. Such unexpected events are very often complex, difficult to detail or estimate.  These incidents are best planned using a professional project planning system.

Anyplan offers the most advanced and user friendly project management system on the market with full integration with the standard treatment program. Resource allocation conflicts, re-prioritization and re-planning with Anyplan gives the medical teams unique insight to the whole process, and decisions made, allowing them to take really good care of all participants.


Resource Management
An operational plan is used by a number of people who need to co-operate in order to complete upcoming work. To ensure a realistic and doable plan it is important to allocate resources with regard to time, cost and availability. Anyplan’s advanced calendars can be used to create individual calendars for each and every resource to check and set available times. Resources can be organized in teams (e.g. people with equipment) so that planners can plan upcoming activities. With Anyplan it is easy to create:
  • Medical team plans
  • Medical equipment  schedules
  • Combined plans for medical teams-equipment-facilities




Integrated resource and cost control

Resources and costs are dynamically integrated with all activities so that any change is immediately spotted and re-calculated both for historic and future events. Anyplan can have any number of independent budgets (baselines) and, therefore, it is easy to measure performance against target:

  • Perform budget analysis for people and cost elements
  • Do time analysis and cost over a time span
  • Analyze data based on any currency
  • Produce detailed and costed resource plans
  • Summarize data from work packages all the way up to one rig/vessel or the entire fleet

Integrated Res


Anyplan is a multi-user system with role-based access control. In the spring of 2013 we are launching a new release of Anyplan with Xymphonic™ collaboration enabling any number of users to work at the same time and real time in the same plan. The new technology allows users to efficiently and systematically collaborate on crew plans, project activities and maintenance tasks while building or updating the plan. The collaborative effect can be compared with how it would be if everybody can edit and write the same “Word” document at the same time. The technology is patented and unique within the IT industry.

Collaboration Health


Integrated systems


Talktome HealthAnyplan offers two-way communication with most of the known systems within the oil and gas industry. Anyplan is designed to let most existing systems keep their role and thereby to avoid large modification projects when introducing Anyplan.

"Talk-to-Me" can send and receive information from multiple systems at the same time. E.g. report progress from the nearest media, via Web, Outlook or smartphone. The integration menu is flexible so it is easy to add or subtract fields that are read or written to an ERP system. In this way it is possible to reduce the amount of information that has to be updated or imported from a number of different systems.

Also see Integration.


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