Integrated business, integrated planning



Anyplan is a new approach to integrated Planning and Scheduling. Anyplan is the first professional planning system designed to work across the domains of project management, maintenance, supply chain and manufacturing.

Companies can now use one planning solution across the whole company.



BenefitThe benefits

Anyplan provides ease-of-use right out of the box. Anyplan is built for customization and integration into scalable enterprise solutions.

Anyplan is a multi-user system with built-in portfolio capabilities. Anyplan is fast, scalable and collaborative.



User1Who uses Anyplan?

Anyplan is used by project managers, professional planners, business managers, and scheduling professionals. Anyplan sets new standards in simple, elegant and user-friendly interface design that is perfect for project managers.

Anyplan integrates with Maintenance Repair and Operations (MRO) system such as IBM Maximo or IFS to provide best-of-breed visual planning solutions for maintenance. Anyplan can also be used in Supply Chain Managers for operations, transportation and cargo planning.


CollaborationSupport for collaboration in an Anyplan context means being able to take the time necessary to get all the details of projects, activities, and resources right, without preventing others from making progress with their work, and with user-friendly mechanisms at hand for dynamically dealing with any challenges that may arise when other users need to access overlapping data structures.  


Anyplan, built for customization

Anyplan is not only designed with the end-user in mind. It has also been built for partners, systems integrators and IT departments. The user interface is highly customizable and can be branded to a company’s requirements or integrated as an embedded solution.

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Intelligent1Anyplan® Activities

Traditional planning tools have simple behavior rules for how an activity can behave.

In Anyplan, the activity attributes have been extended to create more realistic plans and can adapt easily to algorithms beyond the traditional time and resource-critical calculations. Advanced cost modeling includes calculation of both fixed and variable costs.



Anyplan® Calendars
Anyplan has a powerful calendar module in which plans can share global calendars as well as specific calendars applied to activities, resources or relationships.


Calendars may be integrated with calendars in other systems such as ERP or personal organizers (e.g. Microsoft Outlook® or mobile calendars).

Calendars can be in organizational structures with inheritance: the enterprise calendar at the top level, with regional or country calendars containing national holidays; departmental calendars at the next level down to individual resource calendars.


Anyplan® Resources


The Anyplan Resource Manager can be used to create and maintain resource groups and resources. Resources are applied to planning activities manually by drag and drop functionality or automatically from imported ERP information.

Anyplan Resources can be used to track planned and actual resource quantities and costs. Anyplan supports Resource Profiles or distributions that can be used to model non-linear resource consumption.